SMP Has a Fresh New Everything + some GIVEAWAYS to Celebrate!!


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Yippee!! I’m so excited this day has finally come because it has been in the works a looong time. We’ve been working on a new site design for several months now, but have been working on how to structure our personal styling packages since the conception of SMP. We’ve spent the past year-and-half experimenting with different styling package offerings, have listened to your valuable input and feedback along the way, and now feel we have identified what you value and want most from our services. In the process, we also feel we’ve been able to truly define our brand, and exactly what we should offer.

With that said, take a peek at what we’ve been up to!

Our New Subscriptions & Packages


SMP is now completely a subscription-based Style Concierge service, that offers optional add-on packages, such as Beauty & Personal Shopping.

add on


Only our Style Concierge subscribers have the option of purchasing Personal Shopping or Beauty packages. We’re not doing this to be snooty, greedy, or exclusive, but rather, we want to be 100% successful in everything we do for our clients. And we’ve found that our subscription service helps us be just that; it creates such a full, well-rounded environment in enabling the stylist to get to know her client, her client’s closet, her client’s style and preferences so well, that personal shopping is an easy extension of that established relationship and knowledge. We’ve found it to be rewardingly successful, and even economical in the sense that your stylist knows exactly what you need to not only add to your wardrobe, but she can show you how to incorporate what you’ve already got, as well. We now offer three levels of subscriptions: Ballet: $50/mo, Stiletto: $75/wk or $250/mo, and Platform: $150/wk or $500/mo.

A Closet Star is Born

closet 2

From the very beginning, I’ve known that women mostly want consistent help getting styled from their own closets without having to schedule and pay a stylist $5K+ a month to do this (most of us aren’t celebs with celeb wallets). I knew we needed to figure out an “online” way to style our clients’ directly from their closets in an easy, effective way, and we have experimented with many different ways, but everything we tried was laborious and time-intensive for both the client and the stylist. Howeverrrr…. I have discovered a gorgeously useful answer to all these dilemmas, and the answer comes in a simple, tidy Closet Form. Our new Closet Form is a handy little thing, that serves as a fantastic jump-board for our stylists to be able to start effectively styling our clients from their closets right away! It can be constantly added to, updated, and refined with time, but it has been an amazing asset to us so far, and I can see it becoming the real Star of SMP.

Create Your Style Profile

profile shot

In addition to our new subscriptions, and Closet Form feature, we’ve added a personal login feature, where you can create/update your own style profile, can start/stop/change your Style Concierge subscription anytime you like, can view your purchase history and your stylist’s contact info, etc… It’s all in one, tidy, functional, easy-to-manage place. It may not be sexy, but it’s the feature I’m most excited about (it’s that husband-washing-dishes-or-folding-laundry kind of sexy….)!! Love. It.

Our Blog is Now on!

blog snap

Style Me Perfect Press is moving today! Our blog is now all cozy, and curled-up-at-home on :) If you haven’t already signed-up, be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss a post!

So. It’s That Time….

giveaway-time (1)

Now, for the fun part. To celebrate our New Everything, we will be giving away one of our Style Concierge subscriptions to any one of you that registers/creates a profile with us by May 14th. It’s free to create, and super easy! AND. Whomever also starts a Closet Form (at least a few items checked off in each category via your profile) by next Friday May 16th, just miiiight find some “closet looks” in their inbox that have been put together by one of our stylists. So, show us whatcha got! We’ll email the subscription winner on May 17th!

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Well, we really couldn’t be more excited (or, if we may say, more Proud) of all our new changes and updates, and hope you love them, too!! Please don’t be a stranger – drop us a line, or tag us in your photos – we want to be inspired by YOU, and get to know you, and the things you love!

We’d love it if you’d check out our new look, and may the best registerer and closet filler-outer win!

Lotsa love,

Carrie J + Your SMP Team

Real Women. Real Style. Real Simple.


Relaxing Lakeside + a Mother’s Day Giveaway!


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I am so excited and honored to feature a special edition Harman Ebner Finery “Carrie” clutch for their Mother’s Day collab + giveaway with Pop in Greetings, today! If you have followed our blog at all you know full well what huge fans we are of Harman Ebner Finery (if you’re a new follower, click here to read the full feature we posted about HEF this past fall)! If “Pop in Greetings” has not yet been discovered by you, then youuu are in for a real treat, my friends. Pop in Greetings is a super-creative, innovative card company that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. They create adorable mix & match cards + letterpress greetings. The design options are so cheerful, playful, and impeccably done! See for yourself!

PIG_4.18.14_-8916 PIG_4.18.14_-9068 MultiChevron PIG_4.18.14_-9059 CowboyStache_handwritingGolden-Bouquet Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-10.30.24-PM

Stinkin’ adorable, right?! What an absolute gem of a company! If you love what you just saw, you are going to loooove the fun P.I.G. interior print that HEF selected, and custom designed for this amazing collab + giveaway!! In addition to HEF’s custom clutch, the giveaway will include several bars from Nashville-based chocolatier geniuses, Olive and Sinclair, a sweet, copper necklace from SmithWiley, a candle from Jo Malone, and a fun set of Pop in Greetings! Follow Pop in Greetings on Instagram for details on how to enter their giveaway, today! The winner will be announced on Mother’s Day (this Sunday).

So, in honor of Mother’s Day weekend, I paired the custom, orange-hued HEF clutch with a very laid back, “lakeside” look – a look I very much plan to enjoy wearing this weekend (crossing my fingers it’s not overcast and rainy like it was when I shot this!). Now, I don’t know about you, but the best way for my fam to show deep appreciation for me, is to just let me RELAX. Spending the day at the lake down the road from us has become a Mother’s Day tradition – it’s my happy place! No makeup, no hair-fussing, just taking a wooded walk with my Lovies, lounging on the small, quiet beach, and eating the best burgers and fries around from the nearby lodge is what I call a perfect Mother’s Day. I heart simplicity. :)

Lake of the Woods, Oregon

Relax Waterside 1a Relax Waterside 2a Relax Waterside 3b Relax Waterside 4a Relax Waterside 5a Relax Waterside 6a Relax Waterside 7b Relax Waterside 8a Relax Waterside 9aRelax Waterside 10aRelax Waterside 11a


Tee: Boden. Denim Shirt: Madewell (similar). Shorts: Old Navy ($15!!). Clutch: c/o Harman Ebner Finery. Hat: F21 (similar). Necklace: Shoptiques. Rings: Topshop & Zara. Shoes: New Look. Sunnies: Kate Spade. Lips: Aerin MultiColor in “Sweet Pea.” Nails: Julep in “Amy.”

How amazing is that bag and print?! I hate that the lighting was so dark when we shot, but overcast skies can’t hide fab ;) I hope all you wonderful, amazing mamas are pampered silly, are squeezed and loved-on tons, and have a most lovely, relaxing weekend!! Be sure to check out the HEF + P.I.G. giveaway details, today!!

xx -Carrie J

Bump Day! Fab Maternity Looks on a Budget


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*Quick update: so, today was supposed to be our Big Day to show off our new site and pretty much new everything, butttt. Our servers are taking much longer than we anticipated to upload our new site. We’ve been advised that it can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to fully upload, but we will be sending out a big announcement when it’s complete and ready for action! Stay tuned!

So, Bump Day is baaaack, and I couldn’t be more happy about it!! Feels so good to be shopping and styling looks for sweet mamas and precious baby bumps, again! If you don’t follow The Daybook Blog, you totally should! Sydney is a mom to the most adorable toddler boy ever (well, my own is an exception, of course), and is now expecting a baby girl! I love the way she writes; she captures a mama’s heart and mama life so genuinely and beautifully, as do her photographs. I often read her blogs out loud to my husband – they’re so real, warm, and laugh-out-loud hilarious! To top it all off, Sydney has amazing style, and her looks are always on-point and very budget-friendly. Below, I’m sharing her latest look from her blog, but since most of the items she’s wearing are sold out, or are not available online, I shopped a similar look in a similar price-range for you.

Maternity Looks on a Budget

I loooove, love this neutral-chic maternity look! But you know what I also love? COLOR! So, I also pulled together a really playful, budget-conscious, casual look that pretty much has almost all the colors of the rainbow in it. It’s spring! Why not also have fun with lots of color?

Maternity Looks on a Budget

Hope you mamas feel inspired today! There’s nothing like a cute, new steal of an outfit to lift those preggie spirits! Hugs to you and your beautiful, growing baby!

-Carrie J

Met Gala 2014: Best & Worst Dressed


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Ooooooohohoho, the Met Gala last night did not disappoint. Those. Gowns. !!!!! I can’t wait to show you my top picks – they were so easy to choose!! And my worst picks were pretty easy, too, although some teeter-tottered for me…. There was a sea of truly stunning black-and-white gowns, and perhaps it was because there was a sea of them, but none of them jumped onto my “Best” list (sorry I’m not sorry?). Here’s what wowed me on the red carpet:

Best Dressed

Blake Lively in Gucci

MetGala Blake Lively Gucci popsugar MetGala Blake Lively Gucci popsugar 2

 Jusssst wow. Blake is an Old Hollywood goddessss! The hair, the ruby-toned jewels, the exquisite gown that fit her to perfection…. Enough said. Hands-down my #1 pick.

Liu Wen in Zac Posen

Liu-Wen-Met-Gala-2014 MetGala Liu Wen zac posen luckymag 2

 Can we say Dra-ma. The teal color really popped on the red carpet, and the structure of this Zac Posen ball gown was fantastic!! Ball gowns can go ultra girly, but the tarantula-like legs the skirt-pleating evokes, creates a bit of creepy mystery, adding a really cool, edgy vibe. I loveit, loveit. Well done Zac and Liu!!

Karolina Kurkova in Marchesa

MetGala Karolina Kurkova

Oooo, I could talk about the structure of this Marchesa gown for dayyyys. Exquisite. And the white floral print on navy?! Bold, gorgeous, genius.

Taylor Swift in Oscar de la Renta

MetGala Taylor Swift

What a lovely way to leave a crowd! Simple and pretty in the front, and then HELLO!! when ya say, “goodbye!” Stunning. Always leave ’em talking, Tay!

Karlie Kloss in Oscar de la Renta

karlie kloss

The simple, clean lines of this Oscar de la Renta gown are beautiful, but what bumped Karlie to my “Best” list are those leather gloves! Perfection.

Love this glam ‘gram of besties Tay & Karlie pre-gala ;)

photo (2)

So much beauty! So much glam! And thennnn we start spiraling downward…. But only a little – it wasn’t a horror show.

Worst Dressed:

Emmy Rossum

MetGala Emmy Rossum

 I absolutely loooooove this floral Carolina Herrera gown!! But I absolutely haaaate how it was styled. The jewels, the hair, the makeup. Yuck. Wah, wah.

Katie Holmes

MetGala Katie Holmes

Oy. Katie looks like Scarlett O’Hara during that time when she was working the Wild West saloons, and got in cat fights every night. Wrong story? Right description.

Lupita Nyong’o

MetGala Lupita

So, I know that there are fashion peeps out there that adore this look, and I truly commend Lupita for going bold and stepping way outside that Met Gala box, but I have to be honest with myself here. I love her courage, but this just looks a littttle too crazy – I found myself thinking it was both crazy-amazing, and just plain crazy. If Pocahontas were an Irish flapper….

See? They weren’t so bad! I’ll kindly remind you that it could always be worse…

Miley Cyrus Met Gala 2013

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala

So sweet of me, I know.

See ya at the next red carpet, Loves!

-Carrie J

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Style Challenge: Ava Gardner Meets Kendra Thornton in NYC


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I’m excited, because today I’m featuring something a little bit different! Travel expert, Kendra Thornton (featured on shows such as, Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus), recently asked if I’d like to participate in her upcoming “Kendra’s Night Out Challenge,” where stylists have been asked to pull a look together for this busy mom of three. Kendra will be spending a fab night out with girlfriends at the Ava Rooftop Lounge in NYC, and would like something that is reminiscent of Ava Gardner….. I mean, she had me at Ava. I loooove the story she has planned for this night, and I’m also loving that her trip is bumping elbows with Mother’s Day – such a great gift idea for all you mamas! I’ll turn it over to Kendra now, and let her tell you all about what she has planned – I hope it inspires you to plan something like this! Us mamas need some glam nights OUT, right?! :)

Kendra Lives a Dream in New York City


“I am in serious need of some girlfriend help.  I have not been traveling much lately, as I am a busy mom with three children to care for.  My days filled with carpools, bake sales, and laundry have not allowed me much personal time. My once keen fashion sense has now taken a backseat to yoga pants and t-shirts. My friends and I have found ways to steal chunks of time to get together to plan how to make this trip a once in a lifetime experience. We cannot believe we will be staying at the one of the top hotels in New York, the Dream Downtown Hotel. We will be living as large as the city itself by stepping out in style every evening. It will be so fun to enjoy sumptuous food and sample excellent wine.  However, it is difficult to imagine how I will come up with brilliant wardrobe choices for every event. I want to look fabulous every minute and seriously need your advice.

I am looking forward to a relaxing evening at the Ava Lounge, which is on the rooftop of the hotel.  I love the fantasy of immersing myself into another era. This spectacular lounge, inspired by Ava Gardner is all 1950s retro with just a touch of the French Riviera. I can already imagine myself lounging on one of the bench seats, looking fabulous while sipping on my favorite cocktail. I cannot wait to gaze out and enjoy all the amazing New York landmarks, including the Hudson River, the glitz of Times Square, and of course, the legendary New York City skyline. When I think of Ava Gardner, I can only imagine sultry, exotic glamour. I think it would be fun to fit the theme and go for a bit of retro Hollywood elegance. I will have to visit the salon in the hotel and ask them to give me one of those finger wave hairstyles and do my make-up with red pouty lips. Please help me to put together the perfect outfit that will be the final touch to turn me into a movie star look-alike for one dreamy night.

New York City is the most unique and style driven city in the world.  The choices of what to do are so vast, that I used Gogobot to help build my itinerary. It is always helpful taking advice from other expert travelers. The city that never sleeps is chock full of exciting adventures. When you are out on the town enjoying an upscale restaurant, a Broadway show, or just hanging out in a luxury hotel such as the Dream New York, you always want to look your best. It is fun to dress-up, create some ambience, and make the evening special.”


Okay, Ms. Kendra! Done and done. Firstly, I included a couple of photos of where she’ll be glam-lounging with her besties:

Ava Lounge 2

ava lounge

Gorgeous, huh? And heeere is the look I pulled that I think is positively perfect for a night such as this….

Kendra's "Ava Lounge" Look


I’m pretty obsessed with this look. The white jumpsuit is very of-the-moment, but the overall silhouette is ultra classic and sophisticated. The almost-bare, T-strap back adds a bit of sultry, and the pony hair leopard clutch adds texture, and a touch of the exotic. I kept the neckline clean and minimalistic-mod, and added some deco-inspired earrings, along with some killer glam cuffs (meant to be stacked) to lend some edge and glamour. The Choos polish off the look, along with some bold pops of color for Kendra’s sultry pout, and pretty pedi.

What do you think? Ready to pack your bags and meet up with Kendra and her gang? Me, too!! I hope you have fabulously glam night out, Kendra! Come on mamas, let’s take a cue from Kendra, and plan something fab, too!! Then just snag one of our stylists to help you pack ;)

-Carrie J

Mama Monday: Top Gift Picks for Mom


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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Well, Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so why not spend this festive day thinkin’ of Ma, and what might make her feel appreciated? In case you need some inspiration in between your margarita sipping (or would like some tangible, heavy hints to pass along to those dear ones that need extra prodding), I put together some gift ideas that this particular mama cerrrtainly wouldn’t mind receiving…. ;)

The Gift of COLOR

Bright, fun colors always present so beautifully – no matter what they are! Merry nail colors, a nourishing, pampering pedi set, bright baubles, or a whimsical scarf, are all fab gift options that are sure to make a cheery impression, and make a mama feel happy. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the importance of a happy mama!

The Convertible Bag

The Convertible Bag by style-me-perfect

How great is this bag?! It is spendy, but it’s a such a practical, versatile bag, that it kind of qualifies it’s price point in usefulness. A chic, roomy tote for shopping or pool lounging, turns into one a-dorable striped clutch that can really punch-up an outfit for day or evening. Loooove. And I’m sure your mama would, too!

SMP Gift Card

We can’t waaaait to show off our new site and features on May 7th!! A gift card for one of our new packages is an absolutely perfect Mother’s Day gift option (in my totally unbiased opinion), and you could even purchase it on Mother’s Day, and it will arrive right on time. ;) Come visit our new site on Wednesday – you’re gonna love our new everything, and so will your Mama!

xo -Carrie J

Weekend Wantlist: Stuntin’ Summers


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This weekend is go-time for outdoor adventures. Opening the pool, playing in the park, or maybe a trip to Home Depot to freshen up your flower bed. Whatever you’re doing, please do it outdoors, and do it dressed nicely (the latter is forever my rule, no matter the season!). But while you’re out under the sun, make sure you have a fresh pair of lenses to show off.

If you’re wondering if the above paragraph is simply a vehicle to post the pair of sunnies that I’m currently crushing on, your wondering is correct. Here’s the pair I love right now! Shopping tip: Girls, borrow from the boys! These glasses come from Jack Spade and truly have epic proportions for my feminine face. My favorite characteristic of these lenses is that I feel like a girl version of Bob Dylan in them; which is never a bad thing, darlin’.



To recap: buy new sunglasses and wear em’ right this weekend. My PSA for new shades can now conclude. If you need me, I’ll be the girl wearing some amazing tortoise-ombre shades wherever I go.

xoxo – Haley

Run for the Roses (& look good doing it)


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Now, where I come from, the Run for the Roses is a huge, huge deal. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, one thinks that it’s normal for the city to have a two week celebration the weeks prior to the Derby, that it’s normal to get out of school the Friday before Derby to go bet on the girls running the Oaks, and that it’s normal to have to go out with mama to find your Derby Dress. AH, my sweet bluegrass hometown, you just make it perfectly normal for me to have a Daisy Buchanon moment every once in a while. That moment is THIS WEEK, ya’ll. WOOHOO! On Saturday, we bet on the ponies and you better believe that we bet in our best.

Derby dresses are great because they easily transition to many a garden tea and wedding reception-appropriate attire. Once you’ve worn them to every fancy occasion, they make the most lovely Sunday morning church dress and isn’t that just so Southern of you?! I’ll be most likely watching the boys run from a desktop computer at the Longchamp flagship store, but if I were headed to Churchill Downs, this is the dress I’d wear! Don’t forget some amazing accessories to complement your frock and your hat, of course!



memphis_0077 memphis_0081 memphis_0089

photo 3(1)

My mani is always one of my favorite accessories.


Now win, place OR show – the crowning glory of every Derby look is of course what sits atop your crown. I got my pick. I may just have to find a post-derby party to attend simply to wear this stunning hat.


Someone wanna buy this in my honor?


Ahhh, praise God for another glorious excuse to buy pretty things. Another reason why I love my old Kentucky home. xoxo – Haley

Wearing: Dress – Champagne & Strawberries (similar), Belt – Gap (suuuper old, try this!), Shoes – Jessica Simpson, Clutch – Nordstrom (love this too), Bangles – Express and House of Harlow, Hat – Etsy



Style Me for Derby Day!


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Hooray for Derby Day this Saturday!! We’ve been busy getting some clients ready for the big day, and thought we’d share a few look options to lend you some inspiration! Whether you’re attending the real deal, or a local derby party with friends, these looks are right on the money. ;) The Kentucky Derby is all about classic, polished looks, and hats, of course! Since the Derby dress code is pretty straight forward, I put together some different silhouettes, rather than styles (I should’ve added a breezy jumpsuit – snap!).

Four Looks to Help Inspire You for Derby Day:

Look Options for Derby Day

We’ve got your classic fit-and-flares, your breezy maxi, and an easy, boxy shift. Again, I should have added a jumpsuit (think navy + navy striped hat + tan wedges + pop of emerald green)! Classic, ladylike, polished, hats and flats (or wedges) are all helpful things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear.

Here’s to hitting your stride with your look, and may the best horse win! Have a mint julep for us :)

-Carrie J