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Yippee!! I’m so excited this day has finally come because it has been in the works a looong time. We’ve been working on a new site design for several months now, but have been working on how to structure our personal styling packages since the conception of SMP. We’ve spent the past year-and-half experimenting with different styling package offerings, have listened to your valuable input and feedback along the way, and now feel we have identified what you value and want most from our services. In the process, we also feel we’ve been able to truly define our brand, and exactly what we should offer.

With that said, take a peek at what we’ve been up to!

Our New Subscriptions & Packages


SMP is now completely a subscription-based Style Concierge service, that offers optional add-on packages, such as Beauty & Personal Shopping.

add on


Only our Style Concierge subscribers have the option of purchasing Personal Shopping or Beauty packages. We’re not doing this to be snooty, greedy, or exclusive, but rather, we want to be 100% successful in everything we do for our clients. And we’ve found that our subscription service helps us be just that; it creates such a full, well-rounded environment in enabling the stylist to get to know her client, her client’s closet, her client’s style and preferences so well, that personal shopping is an easy extension of that established relationship and knowledge. We’ve found it to be rewardingly successful, and even economical in the sense that your stylist knows exactly what you need to not only add to your wardrobe, but she can show you how to incorporate what you’ve already got, as well. We now offer three levels of subscriptions: Ballet: $50/mo, Stiletto: $75/wk or $250/mo, and Platform: $150/wk or $500/mo.

A Closet Star is Born

closet 2

From the very beginning, I’ve known that women mostly want consistent help getting styled from their own closets without having to schedule and pay a stylist $5K+ a month to do this (most of us aren’t celebs with celeb wallets). I knew we needed to figure out an “online” way to style our clients’ directly from their closets in an easy, effective way, and we have experimented with many different ways, but everything we tried was laborious and time-intensive for both the client and the stylist. Howeverrrr…. I have discovered a gorgeously useful answer to all these dilemmas, and the answer comes in a simple, tidy Closet Form. Our new Closet Form is a handy little thing, that serves as a fantastic jump-board for our stylists to be able to start effectively styling our clients from their closets right away! It can be constantly added to, updated, and refined with time, but it has been an amazing asset to us so far, and I can see it becoming the real Star of SMP.

Create Your Style Profile

profile shot

In addition to our new subscriptions, and Closet Form feature, we’ve added a personal login feature, where you can create/update your own style profile, can start/stop/change your Style Concierge subscription anytime you like, can view your purchase history and your stylist’s contact info, etc… It’s all in one, tidy, functional, easy-to-manage place. It may not be sexy, but it’s the feature I’m most excited about (it’s that husband-washing-dishes-or-folding-laundry kind of sexy….)!! Love. It.

Our Blog is Now on style-me-perfect.com!

blog snap

Style Me Perfect Press is moving today! Our blog is now all cozy, and curled-up-at-home on style-me-perfect.com :) If you haven’t already signed-up, be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss a post!

So. It’s That Time….

giveaway-time (1)

Now, for the fun part. To celebrate our New Everything, we will be giving away one of our Style Concierge subscriptions to any one of you that registers/creates a profile with us by May 14th. It’s free to create, and super easy! AND. Whomever also starts a Closet Form (at least a few items checked off in each category via your profile) by next Friday May 16th, just miiiight find some “closet looks” in their inbox that have been put together by one of our stylists. So, show us whatcha got! We’ll email the subscription winner on May 17th!

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Well, we really couldn’t be more excited (or, if we may say, more Proud) of all our new changes and updates, and hope you love them, too!! Please don’t be a stranger – drop us a line, or tag us in your photos – we want to be inspired by YOU, and get to know you, and the things you love!

We’d love it if you’d check out our new look, and may the best registerer and closet filler-outer win!

Lotsa love,

Carrie J + Your SMP Team

Real Women. Real Style. Real Simple.