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This weekend is go-time for outdoor adventures. Opening the pool, playing in the park, or maybe a trip to Home Depot to freshen up your flower bed. Whatever you’re doing, please do it outdoors, and do it dressed nicely (the latter is forever my rule, no matter the season!). But while you’re out under the sun, make sure you have a fresh pair of lenses to show off.

If you’re wondering if the above paragraph is simply a vehicle to post the pair of sunnies that I’m currently crushing on, your wondering is correct. Here’s the pair I love right now! Shopping tip: Girls, borrow from the boys! These glasses come from Jack Spade and truly have epic proportions for my feminine face. My favorite characteristic of these lenses is that I feel like a girl version of Bob Dylan in them; which is never a bad thing, darlin’.



To recap: buy new sunglasses and wear em’ right this weekend. My PSA for new shades can now conclude. If you need me, I’ll be the girl wearing some amazing tortoise-ombre shades wherever I go.

xoxo – Haley