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*Quick update: so, today was supposed to be our Big Day to show off our new site and pretty much new everything, butttt. Our servers are taking much longer than we anticipated to upload our new site. We’ve been advised that it can take anywhere from 24-72 hours to fully upload, but we will be sending out a big announcement when it’s complete and ready for action! Stay tuned!

So, Bump Day is baaaack, and I couldn’t be more happy about it!! Feels so good to be shopping and styling looks for sweet mamas and precious baby bumps, again! If you don’t follow The Daybook Blog, you totally should! Sydney is a mom to the most adorable toddler boy ever (well, my own is an exception, of course), and is now expecting a baby girl! I love the way she writes; she captures a mama’s heart and mama life so genuinely and beautifully, as do her photographs. I often read her blogs out loud to my husband – they’re so real, warm, and laugh-out-loud hilarious! To top it all off, Sydney has amazing style, and her looks are always on-point and very budget-friendly. Below, I’m sharing her latest look from her blog, but since most of the items she’s wearing are sold out, or are not available online, I shopped a similar look in a similar price-range for you.

Maternity Looks on a Budget

I loooove, love this neutral-chic maternity look! But you know what I also love? COLOR! So, I also pulled together a really playful, budget-conscious, casual look that pretty much has almost all the colors of the rainbow in it. It’s spring! Why not also have fun with lots of color?

Maternity Looks on a Budget

Hope you mamas feel inspired today! There’s nothing like a cute, new steal of an outfit to lift those preggie spirits! Hugs to you and your beautiful, growing baby!

-Carrie J