Your Springtime Go-To (Or Mine, Rather)


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I just bought this dress. (Pre-#30DayChallenge, mind you)

Scene: Me. My Mother-In-Law. Old Navy. Sale Rack. Easter Sunday. Baaaaasically, this dress was $15 dollars and it’s probably going to be worn too many times this summer. I also foresee me looking at a picture of myself in it 30 years down the road and feeling like I could still pull it out of my 2044 closet for a spin on a hot July day. It’s not trendy and it makes me think of a dress my grandmother would have worn, so there’s a familiar and homey feel about it. I just finished reading a book about Paris Street Style (in fact, that is the title of the book) which profiled some tres, tres chic women of Paris. Were these ladies decked out in Chanel, Celine, and Louboutin? NO! Head to toe vintage or second hand, with a great shoe or Dries Van Noten silk jacket thrown in the mix. And of course, they all looked magnificent, further mystifying the French feminine style. Why do all French woman just look amazing??

Effortless, lived-in fabrics often make for the most lovely of looks because when you are comfortable in your own skin, you are, in fact, beautiful. Comfort is irresistible to others. I truly love a piece that is a palette and can be worn a million different ways before anyone realizes you’ve been wearing the same dress for 2 weeks on end. The hero of my closet, always coming through when I’m coming up with nothing.

Here’s a short list of how I’ll be styling my new stripey dress:

– Blue Blazer with Nude Heels for the Showroom

– Grey Tee layered over top with a Tan Belt and Sandals for my Day Off

– Leather Jacket and Moto Boots and Shades for…any day in Soho

or as shown below,

– My All-Time Favorite Spring Jacket tied around my waist with the best Nude Wedges

Good times ahead for me and my new dress, guys, good times ahead.

memphis_0142 memphis_0143

springtime casual

Jacket around the waist is a clutch waist-cincher.


What’s your go to for spring and summer? Tag @stylemeperfect on insta for some regram love!

– Haley

And yea, I’m probably wearing this dress tomorrow.

Wearing: Dress – Old Navy (similar), Jacket – Rag & Bone (last season, try this!), Shoes – Target, Vintage Necklace – love this collar

A Bittersweet Farewell to Our Carrie M…

It is with mixed feelings that we officially announce that Carrie M will be stepping down from SMP. She has been with us since the early stages, and has given us a lot of Heart and Spirit, and brought our SMP family an enormous amount of laughter and spunk. :) We say “mixed” feelings because while we’re sad to see her go, we couldn’t be happier for her Beautiful Reasons! We’ll let her tell you in her own words…

To my SMP Family:

Ahhhh..spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and baby birds are learning to fly.The weather is gorgeous and new life is popping up everywhere. It’s truly magical to see the world wake up. Spring has always evoked a feeling of change for me, so I have decided it’s time for a new season in my life. My husband and I are expecting baby #2 this coming November!!
 That being said, I’m stepping down from my position at SMP. It wasn’t an easy decision, thats for sure. I love you all like family. SMP has been my heart and soul for the last two years and I have loved every minute of it. I have learned so much and I’ve cherished getting to know you all. Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown me over the years. It’ truly was a pleasure.
Please don’t be a stranger. Follow my Instagram (carriesmithmorgan) for updates and pics of my ever-growing baby bump. (Geez, you start showing SO much earlier the 2nd time around!)
SMP is gonna do BIG things, Ya’ll! I can’t wait to sit back and watch my girls take over the world! :)
I’m terrible with goodbye’s so…
Until next time,
Carrie M


We will miss you dearly, Yella!! We put together a little “Farewell Tribute” for Ms. Carrie M; please click here, or the image, below, to view it :)

Farewell CM

Lots of love to you, Carrie!! Can’t wait to see that gorgeous new baby!!

All our love & best wishes,

Your SMP Fam

The StyleList: Where’s My Yacht?


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I didn’t have a yacht this weekend, but I did have a pool and boy did I enjoy it. It’s so soothing to sit next to  a large body of water. A pool/yacht/lake/ocean just yells. “Relaaaaxxxx.” Has anyone ever looked ugly on a boat? You can be in Nike shorts and an oversized Nautica t-shirt, be on a boat, and look like Grace Kelly.

I tried to track down my yacht wearing the most nautical thing out there though – STRIPES! Navy blue stripes, red lips, and a little tomboy ballcap is all I need to channel the soul of a sailor.


memphis_0098 memphis_0099


Can I still say “ahoy” if I’m only on a diving board?

– Haley

Wearing: Jacket – Rag and Bone (last season, try this!), Shirt – H&M, Shorts – Old Navy (similar), Flip Flops – Old Navy, Hat – JCrew (similar), Sunnies: Old Faithful Ray Ban, Lipstick: Nars Heat Wave

Colored Skinnies Meet #30DayChallenge


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photo(6)Here’s how I styled my colored skinnies today – long and flowy. In a word: comfy! If I’m being honest, which I almost always am on this blog, it was terribly difficult to get dressed this morning. I usually plan out my outfit the night before, or the morning of, while I’m out running, but nothing came to me last night. Nothing came to me this morning. I’m still pulling my brain out of vacation mode. I just spent five glorious days in Memphis, TN with my amazing family-in-law. Five glorious days full of pre-planned or completely un-planned outfits. So you can understand why the stylist portion of my brain only came up with “something/anything” for my work outfit today.

I love to do colored skinnies with a silk top; it’s always a great way to dress up your look! Be careful when you do a flowy top, sans a high heel (like I did today – GO FLATS!), that you don’t lose sight of your waist. I opted for a cropped jacket so I didn’t look completely shapeless. PS – I’m REALLY glad I picked up my colored skinny jeans from Gap. I was able to ride the trend-pony for under thirty bucks!

On the plane ride home, I decided that I needed to give myself a challenge or two AND reign in some of my spending. I live in the greatest shopping city of the world – you can imagine that I’ve lost A LOT of fiscal and fashion will power. I end my morning run on Madison Avenue to see the window displays, for Pete’s sake! I did this #30DayChallenge last year and I’m doing it again. I’m also doing a 30 Day Squat Challenge and this Paleo Challenge. I don’t have a great explanation for doing all of these challenges at once, it’s probably a weird idea. I truly think that trying to stay accountable to 3 tasks will help me stay accountable to all. Forget the Paleo and Squats, the Fashion #30DayChallenge rules are simple:

Thirty Days. NO new clothes.

My closet is full. I need to push myself to be creative and really wear the items I have in my possession. I can do this! I know I can! Think of the money I’ll save – not picking up a new t-shirt or necklace along the way home. And at the end of the 30 Days, I’ll buy a pair of shoes to celebrate. ;)

Are YOU up for the challenge? Follow along on our instagram and mine: @stylemeperfect and @hales1989, respectively.

29 days to go! xoxo – Haley

The StyleList: Where’s My Yacht?


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Oh, how I doooo love me some nautical wear! My family and I are heading down to San Diego for the first part of our vacay, and this post is really getting me into the spirit of all things beachy and boaty. I don’t have a boat, much less a yacht, but I’m dressed to board, baby! ;)


Yacht 1a Yacht 2b Yacht 3b Yacht 4a Yacht 5a Yacht 6a


Tank: Zara. Trousers: Elizabeth & James (similar). Cuff: Carnet de Mode. Bracelet: Rebecca Minkoff (similar). Sunnies: American Eagle. Bag: Oryany (similar). Hat: F21 (looove this). Wedges: Diane von Furstenberg. Nails: Julep in “Amy.”

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and next! I’ll see you all, again, in May! We have a lot of exciting things happening in May – can’t wait to share with you!!!

xoxo -Carrie J

The StyleList: Dust Off Those Colored Skinnies!


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Dusting off is right! I found this photo of me wearing my tangerine skinnies for the first time when my sweet baby #4 was two weeks old! He’s just over two years old now (wah! That happened way too fast!), so these babies have gone a fair distance with me, so far. I mean, it’s not like I’ve had them since high school, but two years is still a pretty long time for what was once a major trend, to actually still be wearable, ya know? ;)


Colored Skinnies 2 week old Charlie


NOW (still goin’ strong in Oregon):

Colored Skinnies 1a Colored Skinnies 2c Colored Skinnies 4b Colored Skinnies 5b Colored Skinnies 6b Colored Skinnies 7a Colored Skinnies 3a


Sweater: Moth. Skinnies: Blank NYC (similar). Clutch: Harman Ebner Finery (similar). Rings: Topshop & Zara. Pumps: Rachel Roy (similar). Sunnies: Kate Spade. Nails: Julep in “Amy.”

Still cute, huh? I kind of felt bad that I haven’t worn them in a long time, because they instantly made me feel spunky. Lesson learned here? Let’s get more color into our lives, ladies! Am I right? Or am I right? :)

-Carrie J

Makeup Monday: Spring Nail Art


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So, I’ve been pretty fascinated with the amazing nail art I’ve seen splashed all over glossies, blogs, and Pinterest, but I’ve never tried it! I felt too intimidated to try doing it myself, so I went to a nail salon in town to see how it was done. After watching, I feel fairrrrly confident, that with the right tools, I could try it myself? At least attempt it? It was fun! For my first nail art experience ever, I was inspired by spring (of course). While most people think of flowers, pastels, and bunnies, and Easter egg designs, I think of sailboats. Where I live in Oregon, it takes a little while for the flowers to bloom in full force, so the first tell-tale sign that the milder weather of spring is upon us, is the plethora of sailboats that fill up, and glide along the lake where we live. So, for me, something nautical-inspired feels very spring-like. I decided to go with traditional navy-and-white nautical stripes, as well as a pop of pink and yellow to represent the few flowers that are currently popping up here and there. :) Here’s what the talented Katlyn from Adora Salon & Spa created for me, using some of my Julep stash:

Julep Nail Art 4

If you’ve paid any attention to my past style posts, you will have noticed that I use Julep nail color alllllll the time. Case and point:

picstitch picstitch (1)

There are lots of fab reasons I love Julep, but it really just boils down to these two:

1) The colors and quality are excellent

2) Julep is “Powered by Girlfriends.”

I love that Julep’s belief and mission is so similar to SMP’s, in that they “believe beauty is about connection, not competition. […] from the very beginning at Julep and on into today, we’ve seen what can happen when women work together to build something they can believe in. That’s why our nail polishes are named after women (like you) who inspire us—women who are strong and smart and funny and gorgeous and different.”

What’s not to love about that?! Now do you understand why I love Julep? They’re rockstars.

So, if you’re lovin’ Julep, too, and think you might like to try my nautical design at home, here is what you’ll need:

Nail Art: Try it at Home


You actually only need about two of the brushes in that set (although, for that price, why not have all of them?), and though it’s not pictured, you can use thick, cotton, facial pads to use as your nail color palette.

How To Create This Nautical Design at Home:

1) Paint all four fingers white (Julep’s “Kate“), and thumbs navy (Julep’s “Lola“). Let dry.

2) Pour a small amount of navy (“Lola“) onto a cotton pad, dip your desired brush (dabbing off excess), and slowly swipe horizontal lines across your nail (swap out navy for pink – Julep’s “Avery” – on your ring fingers).

3) Using a hairline-thin brush, sketch your anchor in pink on your thumbs, then go over again for thickness.

4) Using the same, or a similar hairline-thin brush, dip your brush in yellow (Julep’s “Abbie“), and paint the circle for the top of the anchor.

You’re done!

Julep has tons of on-trend, Runway-inspired hues to choose from; feel free to click here to shop their newest colors! If you’ve never tried nail art like me, I encourage you to go for it! It’s always fun to try something new!

Happy Monday!

-Carrie J

The StyleList: One Maxi, Three Ways


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It’s MAXI season, ladies!! Yes that’s right, it’s the easiest season of the year. By now, you should have added at least one maxi dress or skirt into your closet.  And by now, you also know that maxis are super chic and secret PJs. They flow and glide and twirl as you move; they rock out hard on skinny days, and cover all sins on those “not so skinny” days. This season, you’ll see maxi dresses in opaque cottons worn with strappy wedges or flat gladiator sandals: essentially the traditional approach to the ol’ long dress. But look out for the new girl in town: the sheer maxi! Sheer maxis styled with sporty sneakers are the trendy option for the up and coming stylist this season!


Sneakers and sheer maxi like my girl on the left! I opt for that option over the shorties to the right any day.

Can you guess the word I use to describe the world’s best long dress: V E R S A T I L E. That’s why I decided to shoot inside my apartment, right next to my closet, and style one maxi, three ways. Oh my darling maxi, how can I style you? Let me count the ways.

maxis copy


Left: Crop Top – Marc by Marc Jacobs (old, try this). Maxi – Alternative Apparel.

Middle: Maxi – Alternative Apparel (another option). Necklaces – (vintage, try this guy and this guy).

Right: Jacket – Ralph Lauren. Maxi – Alternative Apparel (another option).

Left: Get layered! These days, your favorite store is probably selling more crop tops than you can shake a stick at. (What does that expression even mean?) Layering a crop tee over a long maxi dress draws the eye to your T-tiny waist. Throw a denim jacket on over and add a fedora for a casual, off-duty look.

Middle: Minimal! Layer on some chunky necklaces, pull your hair pack (hello, shoulders!) and you’re good to go.

Right: Suit Up! The perfect transitional outfit. You get a nod to spring’s warmed mid-day temps, but can tolerate the cool temps of morning and evening with ease. Leather jacket not required! Try a blazer, chambray shirt (tied in front), or even a cardi and belt for a preppy take!

Did I convince you, yet? Try it, I dare you. You won’t be able to take this piece off – that’s the long and short of it, but mostly the long of it.

Happy Easter, you stylish bunnies! I hope you soak in this weekend of new life and new grace and new chances. All my love,


SMP Style Skip Highlight: Hello, Spring!


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It’s our third Style Skip Highlight today! Hooray!! For this one, we’re excited to introduce some très chic, Parisian bloggers – welcome to our little skip, 3Dots ladies! :) If this is your first Style Skip with us, you can learn more about what our Style Skip is, and how it works here. If you’re a third-time veteran, welcome back! This month, we chose the style category, “Hello, Spring!” – spring-inspired looks, each styled in our own, unique ways. It’s such a beautiful, joyful, transformative time of year, where spirits are lifted, and hope swirls in soft, warm breezes. Such a fun category to style, and it was even more fun and intriguing to see how many ways it was interpreted across the U.S. and Europe!


Los Angeles

Spring Brea 2

Actress Brea Bee interprets her LA-inspired spring in bold, bright, Diane-von-Furstenberg green! Brea is a beautiful, talented, film industry veteran. She has many notable credits under her acting belt, which includes a solid performance in Silver Linings Playbook, where she played Bradley Cooper’s wife.

Learn more about this stunning actress here, and be sure to click here to see more photos and details of Brea’s fun, Hollywood look!


Spring 6a

Carrie J, Founder + Creative Director of Style Me Perfect, was inspired by 50s fashion, and SUNSHINE for her spring look! “I’ve been really loving the current matching-prints trend, and instantly fell in love with this fun crop top and midi skirt from River Island. ‘Hello, Spring!’ might as well be ‘Hello, Yellow!’ for me! You can’t help but be happy in bright, yellow, textured floral, right?” ~Carrie J

Click here to see more of Carrie’s sunny Oregon shots.


Spring Lauren 1

 Photo by Amanda Pulley.

Lauren is the Owner and Head Stylist of Edit by Lauren, a fantastic personal styling company based in Atlanta, where she manages a team of stylists located in Atlanta, GA, and Nashville, TN. “I chose to feature and style this Anthropologie dress because to me it just screams SPRING! Bright colors and floral prints make me oh-so-happy as weather is warming up and the land begins blooming. And this dress encompasses both so perfectly.” ~Lauren

Click here to get the details, and see more of Lauren’s gorgeous, Georgian-spring photos on her blog!

New York


SMP stylist, Haley, went for stunning blue hues, and her husband’s fedora (a last-minute, fab choice). “New York seemed to approve of this look. One man even made a point to yell, ‘NICE HAT!!!!’ at me as I walked home from work. ‘Why thank you,’ I thought to myself, ‘Springtime made me wear it.’ And then I strolled home in 60 glorious degrees.” ~Haley

If you missed Haley’s full post, yesterday, click here to get her outfit deets, and see more photos of her NYC-spring look!


Spring Soraya 3dots 1 Spring carla 3dots 1

Meet the lovely ladies from 3Dots, a fan-tastic fashion & travel blog, based in Paris! Soraya and Carla are both juniors in college, and started 3Dots as a way to express their love of fashion, food, and travel, and to share helpful “insider” guides for the all the unique places they visit. They have such a fresh, authentic approach to their blog that’s infused with loads of vibrant, youthful energy – you can’t help but get addicted! ;)

“What is a 3Dots spring? Well, a 3Dots spring is all about being comfortable. Living in Paris, we are used to dress in dark colors because it simply goes with the usual grey weather. However, when spring hits the city and the sun finally comes out (and stays out with us until 9 pm!) our moods immediately lighten up as well. When spring is finally here it means that it is time to rearrange our closets and start bringing the softer hues out front.” ~Soraya + Carla

Click here to get the details, and to see more photos of this chic duo’s Parisian-pastel spring looks on their blog!


spring corie 1

Corie of A Swiss Missus blog, is originally from Chicago, but moved to Zurich with her husband about a year ago. A Swiss Missus was started as a way to document her new, European lifestyle and fashion experiences. “Zurich has had the most incredible spring time thus far and I have been eating spring (and all of the chocolate bunnies) right up. I was inspired by the new shades of green popping up on the trees all around me, and I pulled together the following, combining my love of bright colors and comfortable, unique shoes.” ~Corie

Click here to read about the details, and to see more photos of Corie’s adorable, jade, Swiss look!


spring anabela 1

Anabela, of AV Fashion Blog, is a spunky, energetic college student in Cluj, Transylavania, who has a love of fashion, and an affinity for punk-rock details. “I chose to mix a pair of leather leggings & with my favourite army vest. I like it because it combines the masculinity (from the pattern) with the feminine colorful details of the studs. They make me think about the beauty of the blooming trees & surrounding nature.” ~Anabela

Click here to see more photos and the details of Anabela’s Transylvanian-spring look!

We hope you enjoyed our little “fashion tour of spring” across the globe! Many thanks to all you fabulous ladies for taking the time to shoot and blog your lovely, spring looks, and for joining us this beautiful month of April! We very much hope to see each of you again in May!!

Lotsa love & gratitude,

Carrie J

SMP Style Skip: Hello, Spring! (Carrie J)


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It’s spring! It’s spring! Happydance, happydance! I think my retro-ish spring look might be largely inspired by my new obsession with the British TV series, Call the Midwife? That, and 50s music has also been heavily rotating on my playlist, lately, as well…. The sun is shining, windows are constantly open, flowers are blooming, Pat Boone crooning about “April Love” is swirling around in the air…. it just felt sooo right to go retro! And I think I’ll be doing it more often – so fun!

So, I’ve been really loving the current, matching-prints trend, and instantly fell in love with this fun crop top and midi skirt from River Island. ‘Hello, Spring!’ might as well be ‘Hello, Yellow!’ for me! You can’t help but be happy in bright, yellow, textured floral, right? ;)


Spring 1a Spring 2a Spring 3a Spring 4a Spring 5a Spring 6a Spring 7a Spring 8c


Crop top: River Island. Midi Skirt: River Island (sold out – similar). Necklace: Anthropologie (old). Ring: Giles and Brother “Cortina” (similar). Shoes: Zara (similar look, similar price). Sunnies: Kate Spade. Lips & Cheeks: Aerin Multi Color in “Sweet Pea.” Nails: Julep in “Sheila.”

Throw on some retro shades, open the windows, and turn-up some oldies – it just does the soul gooood! ;) Happy Spring!

-Carrie J